Everything for a new departure (setp up for kitchen, bed, study), Northcote Point in Hillcrest, Auckland for sale


Perfect for new move-in and really cheap!
Everything for the kitchen:
- Normal and wine glasses
- Small medium and large pots
- 3 pans
- big salad bowl
- 5 mugs
- 4 ramekins
- sandwich grill
- icebag for picnic
- 6 plates
- 2 cutting boards
- oven dish
- kitchen ustensils
- cheesecake mold
3 Bath Towels, pillows, duna...
A mini ironing board and its mini iron! Totally new.
A laser printer! From the brand Brother and not use a lot. And lot of stuff to be organized with all the papers, really good opportunity for a student.
Everything used only 6 months by really careful people! Unfortunatly we have to leave New Zealand and sell everything... Enjoy the opportunity!!